The Institute for Myanmar United Launches its First Program— Peer Mentorship & Tutoring

Peer Mentorship Program 1

The Institute for Myanmar United (IMU) is excited to launch its first pilot program, Peer Mentorship & Tutoring! IMU worked collaboratively with the local Burmese population in the Syracuse, NY region, to identify that many Burmese high school students are not receiving the level of support they need to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. Many students face obstacles to academic success and achievement including at-home language barriers, lack of support preparing for standardized testing and college applications, and uncertainty whether they will be able to continue their educational journey.

Backed by the power of intentional creative problem-solving, the Peer Mentorship & Tutoring Program aims to work with a cohort of 8-15 Burmese high school students. Over the course of eight weeks, these students will meet once-a-week after school to receive peer mentorship and tutoring to build academic confidence, deepen life skill development, and grow leadership abilities. Led by each individual student’s goals and needs, program staff will create a custom experience that leans on collaboration, team building, and community.

The Peer Mentorship & Tutoring Program is scheduled to host its first session on Monday, March 7, 2022, from 4-6pm at the Syracuse Myanmar Baptist Church located at 1501 Lodi St, Syracuse, NY 13208. 

Sessions will take place weekly on Mondays from 4-6pm.

To learn more about the Peer Mentorship and Tutoring Program, view our program page: Peer Mentorship and Tutoring Program – Myanmar United.

To make a donation to the program, please view our GoFundMe page below. Your contribution will provide the funding to ensure these students have an exceptional and safe experience during the program.

The Institute for Myanmar United was created in 2020 to release the power of human creativity to help individuals, communities, and nations reclaim their freedom, unity, and hope.