The mission of The Institute for Myanmar United (IMU) is to release the power of human creativity to help individuals, communities, and nations reclaim their freedom, unity, and hope.

IMU promotes social justice by helping people to become more confident in their creative capacities to address the educational, social and economic challenges they will face today and in the future. It does so by shaping creative problem-solving, creative leadership and creative teaching skills into competencies.

Responsive Mission

The recent violent military coup in Myanmar brutally reminds us of how fragile freedom, unity, and hope really are — both at home and abroad.

Our responsive mission is to release the promise of human creativity in the service of good during these troubled times.

Our commitment is greater than ever.

I am You. We are Them.

Our Vision

Myanmar—a country where creativity is the go-to competency of current and future generations of citizens who are advancing meaningful change—one school, one organization, and one township at a time. We envision Myanmar as the first of many countries to embrace creativity as a way to empower its people and to create positive change on a global scale.

Core Values

We value GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP as a means to promote empathy, a felt responsibility to act and social justice.

We commit to CIVIC ENGAGEMENT and SERVICE LEARNING as sources of transformation.

We strive for increased CREATIVE CONFIDENCE so that a different future can be imagined.

We value SOCIETAL IMPACT so that together we can start shaping the everyday life of citizens.

We are dedicated to the United Nation’s 16 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS.

We engage in ADVOCACY through research and informing regional and national policy.

We believe in a UNITY that separates a person from their deed through compassion.

“We believe in HELPING OTHERS to make use of their priceless possession, their creative imagination.”

“We believe in MATTERING. That we treat each other with dignity”