Peer Mentorship & Tutoring Program

The Institute for Myanmar United Peer Mentorship & Tutoring Program was created with the help of Matu Jacob, a former Burmese refugee with a vision to create positive change here in Syracuse, NY. Jacob recognized that many Burmese children and families have struggled to acclimate to the United States educational system. One of the main barriers to academic success is the language barrier— many parents do not speak fluent English and are unable to assist their children with homework.

The Peer Mentorship & Tutoring Program is a volunteer-driven program that aims to deconstruct these barriers by offering a sustainable after-school program specifically for the Burmese community to provide students of all ages with opportunities to receive and provide academic assistance.

The impact of getting a better education is well documented, with research showing that education greatly impacts one’s socioeconomic status (SES), which in turn is related to significant life, health, mental health, and well-being outcomes.

The goals of this program include the following:

  • Provide academic support for the Burmese community
  • Increase academic confidence and performance
  • Achieve higher levels of educational attainment
  • Help develop study skills
  • Help reach self-empowerment

Peer Mentorship Program FAQs

The Peer Mentorship & Tutoring Program is available on Mondays after school from 4-5:30pm and 6-7:30pm with dinner offered from 5:30-6pm.

The program will be held at the Syracuse Myanmar Baptist Church located at 1501 Lodi St, Syracuse, NY 13208.

Please call Jeremy Brewster for more information at 315-532-8930.

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