Peer Mentorship & Tutoring Program Update: Week 4

The Institute for Myanmar United is excited to share an update from week four of the Peer Mentorship & Tutoring Program!

Today, we had two new students join the program: Sarah— a second grader, and Ro— a high school Junior.

Jeremy provided direct tutoring to Sarah, who was working on time (analog and digital clock reading).

During an initial discussion with Jeremy, Ro shared that he is from the Chin State and has been in Syracuse for 7 years. He does well in school (94 overall) and is applying to the New Visions Engineering Program for next year. More specifically, Ro is seeking help preparing for the SAT exam to achieve his goal of scoring above a 1200 so he can be considered for Clarkson University in the fall of 2023.

Zawkaut and Jeremy worked to develop an action plan regarding his goal of getting a job before the summer. They successfully crafted a plan and will begin implementing it next Monday.

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